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Pico Day <3

2016-05-09 20:05:10 by LukasB

Hi, Hello! I was at pico day! It was my first one and it was cool meeting a bunch of people, I'm sorry if you talked to me and I was awkward, I've never been to any kind of party and such so it was cool experience. I'm also very happy for how much love Pico Joins the Army had, I'm so glad people like it! The New Wave guys are amazing I love you guys <3

Also I was happy metting robot-jones since we made that cartoon I've always wanted to hang with him! 


Anyway I loved being at the office it was one of the most inspiring experiences ever being there and meeting Tom Fulp. I'll definitely be there next year! 

I love newgrounds and the community behind it, such a great site, and so many great people!



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2016-05-09 20:39:22

It was cool meeting you, PAL. Keep up the good art stuff.


2016-05-09 22:51:05



2016-05-09 23:00:47

that robot jones guy was a little weird but I think I'm starting to like him. You were much more cuter anyways!!!!