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Quick Update ~

2015-06-05 01:30:20 by LukasB

So i've been around and I quite have been appreciating the feedback and stuff I get back. I love that you guys follow me on twitter, tumblr, instagram, youtube and newgrounds! It's amazing that you guys like what I do.

Anyway I have been practicing and practicing on new ways to draw and new ways to paint. At the moment i'm doing some custom vans just for the fun of it and it is newgrounds themed. I've been posting my art regularly as I feel as drawing is a comfort and getting better and better feels amazing. I love your support and everything with it. I want to do commissions and still setting up prices and what I'm comfortable drawing for others. if you want to be updated on what i'm doing or just want to see some of my art please follow me on any social media. I update pretty regularly and will notify on all social media I have that commissions are open. At the moment commissions are closed.


Twitter: @LajbrosLB

Instagram: @lajbros

Youtube: lajbros1

tumblr: lajbrosart


Thank you for taking your time supporting me. I love you guys!


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