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Lajbros1? what happened to lajbros?

2015-04-05 13:09:35 by LukasB

Well I made that NG account a long time ago with an email I don't use anymore. So when NG changed the log in my auto sign-in with Chrome didn't show up at all. Now I canno't use that account since I don't use my yahoo email anymore making me forget the password from years past. I didn't loose much but my first Animation. It was just my Game Grumps animated about Ross making a jew joke. I have been practacing and I think my next animation will prove to be a lot better than my last. 


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2015-05-08 13:54:47

Hmm, those auto-fill-in-password features are a dangerous thing to get used to apparently. Shame about the old account, but cheers to the new one! And new content! And a news post! Welcome back.