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Pico Day <3

2016-05-09 20:05:10 by LukasB

Hi, Hello! I was at pico day! It was my first one and it was cool meeting a bunch of people, I'm sorry if you talked to me and I was awkward, I've never been to any kind of party and such so it was cool experience. I'm also very happy for how much love Pico Joins the Army had, I'm so glad people like it! The New Wave guys are amazing I love you guys <3

Also I was happy metting robot-jones since we made that cartoon I've always wanted to hang with him! 


Anyway I loved being at the office it was one of the most inspiring experiences ever being there and meeting Tom Fulp. I'll definitely be there next year! 

I love newgrounds and the community behind it, such a great site, and so many great people!


2015 Animation stuff

2015-12-30 23:00:09 by LukasB

2015 has been amazing for me. I met so many friends and I learned so much and got so much more involved with what I like to do. I made an animation reel showing off what i've done from the middle of the year when I started animating in the summer to now.

Thank you to my friends I've met this year, you guy helped alot and I wuv u guiz :3 MUAH!

I await what 2016 is gonna be like.


2015-10-01 02:28:45 by LukasB

4408845_144368081262_Untitled-2.pngGet yout anus' ready for the Weebs with nothing to do but jack off to hentai dating sims.

OCTOBER 4th baby

Update 9/20/15

2015-09-20 14:46:15 by LukasB

Yo guys, these past months have been amazing. I have learned so much and have done so much. For things I've done and helped work on, I have the FrogFish Animated I did for fun. I have my Lay-Z Cartoon I did on the FrogFish channel and plan to do a whole quick bits series for that channel. I helped work on In-Betweens for RyanStorm's Anime Amigos 3 that is soon to come out on Oct. 4th. For the most part my Newgrounds dump is full of tests I've done and seems like I'm improving as an animator! I've also started school so production on cartoons has slowed as of late. Although I have a cartoon for halloween I want to get done ASAP, I have a controversial cartoon coming out but that'll take a lot of time as it is my baby. I am working on a collab part for my bud Alex Sarzosa who is taking great lengths to organize it all but I'll keep that on the downlow. 

I really want to work more on personal stuff but with school and a parents divorce making me go from house to house all the time, it makes it hard to do much. I need to get a powerful laptop that can run Flash, Toonboom, After Effects, Premeire, etc. so I can work on the go and get my shit in gear. For any suggestions for what I should get please comment down below. 

For the most part these last few months have been life changing for me for all the friends I've made and all the things I've done. I've studies a shit ton on animation and I've been working on things for my art class such as this here. I'll be sure to update on twitter and such on what I'm doing personally and just post artwork here and there. 

Also I bought GameMaker Pro and I want to start animating for games for GameMaker and maybe make a game here and there so I'll be learning that as well as how to code and make a game in flash and maybe put a game on the mobile market for fun, I have a few ideas for games that may be fun.

 I'll be making content on my youtube and anything serious will be on NG.

So hope I got though a lot and hope that I can produce more and more content for all of ya

Later Razor Gatorz

Quick Update ~

2015-06-05 01:30:20 by LukasB

So i've been around and I quite have been appreciating the feedback and stuff I get back. I love that you guys follow me on twitter, tumblr, instagram, youtube and newgrounds! It's amazing that you guys like what I do.

Anyway I have been practicing and practicing on new ways to draw and new ways to paint. At the moment i'm doing some custom vans just for the fun of it and it is newgrounds themed. I've been posting my art regularly as I feel as drawing is a comfort and getting better and better feels amazing. I love your support and everything with it. I want to do commissions and still setting up prices and what I'm comfortable drawing for others. if you want to be updated on what i'm doing or just want to see some of my art please follow me on any social media. I update pretty regularly and will notify on all social media I have that commissions are open. At the moment commissions are closed.


Twitter: @LajbrosLB

Instagram: @lajbros

Youtube: lajbros1

tumblr: lajbrosart


Thank you for taking your time supporting me. I love you guys!

Well I made that NG account a long time ago with an email I don't use anymore. So when NG changed the log in my auto sign-in with Chrome didn't show up at all. Now I canno't use that account since I don't use my yahoo email anymore making me forget the password from years past. I didn't loose much but my first Animation. It was just my Game Grumps animated about Ross making a jew joke. I have been practacing and I think my next animation will prove to be a lot better than my last.